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Thursday, July 28, 2011

August Newsletter

 Rooms U Love

Hello to all of you lovely customers. I hope your all having a great summer so far, and maybe were fortunate to go somewhere to spent your summer and enjoy some fun with your love ones.

I wanted to fill you in on what’s happening at Rooms U Love. Unfortunately it was a slow summer business wise but it gave me the chance to do back to South Florida and spend some time with my family and friends (for an awesome time). I also shopped till  I dropped. Haha! I did bring back with me some lovely accessories, florals, accent pieces of furniture. I love gardening so you’ll always and year round find gardening statues, planters, table top bird baths, and feeders, bird cages, glasses and metal domes for Terrariums, Birds of many kinds, watering cans, ect.

The jewelry box is full  of new bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklace and earring sets.

We also have many new picture frames and gift items. You’ll just have to come and see for yourselves.

I love kitchen items of all kinds. I like multiple tier plate holders. I think they’re so convenient to display your favorite bake goods, orderves, fruits, or finger food. Love them!

I’ve got some lovely chicken cover casserole  dishes that are bake and serve would also look great on top of a server countertop or china cab. when not in use. You’ll also find metal and colorful glass bowls great for everyday use and entertaining.

I’m looking forward to fall. Believe it or not it’s just around the corner.  In Florida all the retail stores have their fall decorations out on display already. It’s a little too early for me. (specially with this scorching  heat wave around us) but yes come the end of August I will also be bringing out fall. Can’t wait for the cooler weather right?  
Along with all the new merchandise I will also be making changes on the floor. I love to move the furniture around and make new vignettes. It gives a fresh and new look to the store and I hope it’ll be pleasing to you all to see the new set up and different ways to use accessories and placement of furniture.

My wish is to inspire you to create a beautiful, joyful home for you and your family. I would love to hear of any tips or decorating ideals you may all have and would like to share with me. I’m sure you all have beautiful homes but we are always looking to add and change things around. I hope you all come see what’s going on at Rooms U Love.

It’s always a pleasure to see you. Have a great day

                      Coming soon Upcoming sale events.
                                          Fall- winter

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