Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome Autumn

Hello, Dear Friends and Customers!

Fall has arrived and it has brought to our town much needed rain along with cooler weather. That inspired me to decorate my home and the store, Rooms U Love. I love the colors and thought it might not be as cool, the colors are so cozy and it warms your heart.
Here are some pictures of the store,
Hope you enjoy!

The color red is universal - but it does add a warm background
to Fall decor
You can add whimsy to your fall decor by adding adorable scarecrows.
Autumn Colors in Floral Arrangements always
cheer a room.
I recently painted this mantel in my store - I am very fond of
this black color!

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  1. Ciao,sono una lettrice di Kathy,quante belle cose hai,divento tua seguace.Saluti,Rosetta